Deuce T. Doggy

Deucey T. Dog Okay, so I get a call from a good friend of mine and he tells me about how he and his girlfriend have just purchased their new house and such. I congratulate them of course and the conversation ends up with me going over to their new house to "help them with a few things"... Hah! Joseph and I were 100% duped into moving their entire house nearly by ourselves. His girlfriend helped plenty with the smaller stuff which was great. Thanks again, Brad. You're truly a complete asshole! Eh. Or course, I'm only kidding. I love Brad and Bethany. They're awesome folks. Anyhow, while I was there, I took a ton of pictures of Deuce their dog and a few other people along the way. So, check out the photos and such and don't be afraid to leave feedback.

By the way, Deuce T. Dog is a Blue Pitbull. Enjoy!

Janky Jay, III

Beanie's Birthday Bash

Smelly Bean Ah HAH! Time for birthdays yet again this year. There sure are a lot of people humping on New Year's Eve... Not that the rest of you couldn't tell just by knowing 18 billion people with birthdays in the month of September. Sheesh. Anyhow, it was my good friend Joe, my sister "The Bean", my cousin Brolie, and her stepfather Drew's birthday party this weekend. So, I decided to take my camera for the ride. There are plenty of images from the pub in the TKCNet Gallery. Hopefully you enjoy these images as much as I do. Especially the image of Jerry "Wild Man" Roger's ass in the doorway. It's always classic because it's always happening. Thanks for the laughs Jerry. And to all of you who's birthday we celebrated this past weekend; One more time for the kids at home.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU OLD FUCKERS!

So long,
Janky Jay, III

Tragedys Acure

R.I.P. Jared Dunnahoo Well, another one of my good friends has died. His name was Jared Dunnahoo and he passed away the 15th of September at roughly 5:45am. He died in his sleep due to an accidental overdose on pain medication he was taking for his migraines. Jared lived for his friends and family and treated everyone with a monumental amount of respect. I feel remorse for his daughter of two years old and girlfriend, but I'm thinking his child on the way is getting the worst part of the deal. To never know your father is a shame that I feel will effect the child later in life. Although, I'm sure his girlfriend will do a fine job raising the children. I suppose shit happens, but WOWZERS! Never thought it would happen to such a great person. To you, Jared, I say good luck on the other side. We'll all miss you.

R.I.P. Jared Dunnahoo (March 28, 1983 - September 15, 2005)

Janky Jay, III



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