Media Update

Media Update Okay. So, it's been nearly forever since I've made any kind of updates to this index page on TKC. So, I figured I'd go ahead and make one to let people know what's going on and such (Not that anyone cares). Anyhow, I made a quite large update to the Media section of this site. So, go on and enjoy them. I've also been writing a tutorial or "how-to" for FreeBSD users that would like to set up a Postfix mail server. You can see that by clicking HERE. And, as usual, any questions or comments and be mailed to me or posted on the TKC Forums.

So, check out some of the new stuff and try not to bitch at me too much...

Janky Jay, III

R.I.P. Sidna

R.I.P. Sidna Sorry to see you go, Sid. But, for what it's worth at the moment, thanks. Thanks for helping Danny and I move all that shit out of my house when times were rough... Thanks for introducing me to such off-the-wall shit... Thanks for making me laugh my ass off when things just didn't seem all that funny... But, most of all, THANK YOU for being such a great friend to all of us that knew you. Loved having you around, Bro. It's a shame you had to take off so soon. I wish you the best and I hope to see you again in the future.

Check ya' later, Sidna.

April Fools

April Fools Justin and I are not engaged. We're not even together. We never were. Back in January, rumors went around saying Justin and I may have something going on. Justin and I thought we'd be mischievous and create an elaborate April Fools joke. I proposed that we engage in this serious pseudo-relationship, and Justin agreed. Shit got really funny when some people got really involved in our relationship. Certain people called me a hypocrite for dating online, and others shunned Justin for being my boyfriend. The end.

Sorry to disappoint everyone! Happy April Fools!

Janky Jay, III



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Updates and information.
Updates and information.
Friday, January 06, 2006
Not to get anyone's hopes up, but this site might just be back to normal now. This post is for that fucked me as a registrar. So, if you're thinking about using to register anything at all (And I do mean ANYTHING) please, please, PLEASE reconsider. Not only do they overcharge for domain registration, DNS, and any other of the handfuls of crap they offer, but they screw you over on domain transfers. That's the reason TKC has been down for the last day or so. They messed up the expiration date for the domain they wouldn't allow me to transfer it. Talk about a bunch of cocks.

So, as soon as my 60 days of registration is up with these Ninja Turd-holes, I'm going to attempt again to transfer. Wish me luck!

Oh yeah, don't forget to check out the TKC Gallery and the TKC Forums.

Enjoy your stay and FUCK DIRECTNIC.COM


Saturday, December 31, 2005
Granted this will be a short post. But, just to let all know, we've been moving from server to server lately and all SHOULD be good now. If you happen to have any issues, please feel free to post in the TKC Forums or email me to get your problems resolved.

The sooner the better being as others might have the same issue and are probably too shy to say anything (Or just don't care). So, if we can get any errors fixed before anything becomes a serious problem, it would be great.

With all of that in mind, enjoy your visit to TKC Networks. Bleh!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005
Well, as you may have probably heard, it's been one hell of a week for my friends, family and myself. Besides dealing with the standard weekly bullshit that comes at a fairly consistent pace and makes the weeks suck enough to begin with, I had to deal with a whole new type of shit heap. I've posted pictures which you can view by clicking the images below or going to the TKCNet Gallery. The first set of images are what started off the weekend. I was just informed that my good friend Jared Dunnahoo had just passed away and was feeling a bit down to say the least. So, after a night of work at the office, I go home, turn on the television and not even 10 minutes later the owner of the Resturaunt next door to my office calls and tells me about a car that ran into it. So, I'm thinking, "Hrmm.. What kind of sick joke is this?". Turns out, it was no joke. I ended up having to stay in the office ALL FUCKING NIGHT to make sure no sneaky bastards got in through the broken windows to steal any of my stuff.

So, this takes us to the second set of wonderful images below. The fact I was up all night in the office made the trip to Alamosa for my buddie's funeral the next morning absolutely horrific. Not only was it hotter than two squirrels fucking in a wool sock, but it was as long as we had anticipated (L-O-N-G). But, it turn out to be a good trip none the less. I got to meet plenty of people I hadn't had the chance to meet before. Plus, getting to see your friend go away for the last time is better than not seeing him at all...

Enjoy the images, folks. As usual, any feedback can be made on the TKCNet Forums or by sending me email.

Damn Drunks Alamosa Trip

Until next time...

Friday, August 12, 2005
Pumped and Humped

Ah yes. The first post since February! Can you believe that horse crap?! Sheesh. Talk about falling off.

To begin, I'm just updating because no one has in so painfully long that I was developing some sort of antipostophobia (I'm sure that's not a real word. But, I'll submit it to at some point). The web site has changed a lot lately so I'm waiting to hear about the results. In the mean time, I'm going to add a few more people to the blogger list just to keep things moving. You see, once you and your friends begin aging like everyone else, you all begin to get "busy". Busy with work, busy with looking for work, busy with a significant other, etc... Being this "busy" seriously cuts down on the time you once used to get yourself involved in some good old fashioned Tom Foolery. But alas, in the end, there is no time for anything. Especially web updates or keeping others informed. Not to mention keeping the site viewers the least bit entertained. Pfft.

Anyhow, keep your eyes peeled for new posts by new blogger members. If, by chance, you feel you could donate worth while blogs to TKC, feel free to contact myself or any of the other TKCNet officials (Hah!) by email. Or you could simply use the TKC Forums to contact us.

I think I'll stop now.

Thanks for visiting.

Monday, February 21, 2005

Hunter S. Thompson is one of a handful of authors who has had a profound impact on me. He willingly participated in a number of crazy things that would easily have made an average man pray for death; so maybe his decision to take his life tonight is an indication we aren't doing too damned well. I hope there's something better out there for you, you old bastard.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005
In reading a review of Seth Macfarlane's newest addition to the Family Guy Empire, "American Dad," which debuted on Fox after the Super Bowl, one side-comment the reviewer made instantly dissolved his credibility. "It helps if you're actually being amused with clever writing and subversively intelligent wit," the critic says, "as with 'The Simpsons' or, more coarsely and raucously, 'South Park.'"

I grew up watching "The Simpsons." Our generation could, in arguably many ways, be coined "The Simpsons Generation." The other day, I heard a preview for the next new episode and was surprised at how maternal Marge's nagging voice sounds to me after all these years; how oddly comforting it is. That does not, however, make up for the fact that "The Simpsons" is not quality programming anymore, and it is consistently getting worse. The writing is hardly clever and there is absolutely not a bit of intelligent wit about it. The episode directly following the Super Bowl, prior to the "American Dad" pilot, is a prime example. Granted, new scenarios and themes for the Simpson family must be challenging to conjure up, but cheap whacks at "The Passion of the Christ" are simply not funny anymore, especially when they're executed in unfunny ways to begin with. Furthermore, in that single episode they cover a carnival game challenge between Bart and Homer, who performs a victory dance that is uploaded onto the internet and subsequently downloaded by a football player who employs Homer to choreograph various celebratory dances for him, which sparks a slew of other sports stars to petition Homer to choreograph victory dances for them (each of which we get to watch), and finally Homer is contacted to design the Super Bowl's halftime show. Oh wait, then there's the other half of the episode, in which Ned directs a movie chronicling Cain's slaying of Abel (including a beaten-to-death and now hardly palatable crack on gay marriage rights). The movie is premiered and everyone loves it, despite its gore, except, of course, for Marge. Mr. Burns, seeing an opportunity to gain some profit, finances another of Ned's films, which includes even more gore, and Marge wins her battle as Burns decides funding religious epics is not for him. Ned then persuades Homer to do a Christian-themed halftime show, which is unanimously booed by the audience.

I think I've pinpointed the three most apparent shortcomings of the show. First, and most obvious, the writers are simply not as good as they were in the Conan O'Brien days. Second, the episodes have lost their focus; they bounce around too much, which makes it nearly impossible to really care about the outcome of each show. The last really fantastic and nearly flawless episode (and there have been many in the past), I would argue, was the one in which Phish guest-starred and Homer got hooked on medicinal marijuana. Its excellence can be attributed, I think, to these elements: every joke operated within the theme of the episode, it commented extremely well on the nature of potheads, the humor was off-the-wall, making it memorable and quotable, and one main thread drove the story along to keep viewers interested in the episode's outcome. Presently, "The Simpsons" has fallen into the funk that "The Drew Carey" show existed in: the writers think of a moderately funny situation that culminates in a subpar joke and then move on to the next moderately funny situation and subpar joke. Which ties loosely into my third point: "The Simpsons" has lost the touch of reality it once so gracefully utilized. Medicinal marijuana, the first time your parents met, your town's monorail: these are things many of us have dealt with or discussed. The reality of the situations in some of the older shows allowed for major growth in the characters over the span of very few minutes, and episodes had the ability to be not only funny, but romantic, nostalgic, dramatic, and just plain nice.

This once unparalleled way to spend Sunday night has lost its way, and we, as hard-working American viewers who deserve quality in our entertainment, need to stop acting like we don't notice and get active, or else it'll turn right into another Jar-Jar Binks situation damn quick.

I ended up ranting, so I don't mind if you didn't read this or didn't read all of it. To sum up, "The Simpsons" is not all that good anymore and it's getting worse every season. I'd like to read your thoughts. Please comment.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004
Sorry, in making that last post, I severely messed up the aesthetics of the site. You see, my picture is larger than the space provided in this part of the blog, where the archived posts take up the right side of the table. To make up for my outrageous error: aksjdf sdkfj sdkjf slkdf slkdf lsjd fkjs dkjalksjdfoei jalmvokijuoeiwjflk voiusvi sxcjklx ciouxj cviux coviux cvoiux coivux coivu xoicu vxoicu voxiuc oviuwekljflak;djflk asdjklf ewklj wlkejr wlkjer lwkje flksdj fklvxj cvlkxj klsudfoia wenmfkjzsovic sjdlkfnmwlk sdoif jasnlkdfnwlkjnflk scvix cvlkjsd fkjawe foiuwef skjdv xncvlksud foiwejmfkl sjdflkjsd fxiopcvuxic vxlkcj vwkdjflkd jflksd fklsj dlkxjc vioxcuvo ixcuovi xocivu xocivu xcikvj slkdjf we rmwner,mnw eok sdflkjsd oixucv lwkeljr weklr smjdf sdfnm,xc vlkxjc isoudf wjer lkwjdfoiscufklxcjv xkv sldkjf nwemnsd lfsjdflk jkds fkajsd fksljd fskjdf skjdf lskjdfaoi;efjlkvmcxj voisdjf sodioiweu rwkljer woiuxc oivxjlk jowieurw eroiu soixuv xocjv oweur weoiruw eroi cxvoiux ocviuxocv oxicv oier wlkjr mnnakjs dlkf io xclkv sdnmfsl, dfsdfnwlkejr slkdjf xkljv xlckvj sdf. Thank you. TKC© copyright© 2003-2009

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