A little help.

These are a few help pages I've ran across while setting up my own various things.
Feel free to check 'em out. Might act as a decent reference one day. Who knows...

TKCNet Mail :: TKCNet web and POP3/SMTP mail setup help.
FreeBSD Firewall HowTo :: FreeBSD firewall setup instructions.
BCNet-IRCd Setup :: Howto for personal or network use.
Cisco Hack :: How to hack Cisco routers(PDF format).
Quick MySQL :: Quick reference for adding users/databases to MySQL.
FreeBSD Update HowTo :: Up-To-Date howto for FreeBSD4.x(Excellent).
FreeBSD Postfix How-To :: FreeBSD+Postfix+Maia-Mailguard+MORE.
VIM Cheat Sheet :: Reference for very basic VIM commands.
HTML Colors :: Color codes for HTML documents. I find this helpful.
Table References :: Simple but helpful reference to tables in HTML.
BSD Secure :: Securing your *BSD machine? This is very helpful.
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