IRCd Setup

Instructions for setting up BCNet-IRCd.

These are instructions for setting up your BCNet-IRCd to connect to BCNet's IRC Network.
It's a very simple process, so you shouldn't have any problems.
Just follow these instructions and you'll be golden.
Remeber to always have permission before attempting a link.
Not that you would be able to link without the permission,
but constant attempts may get you blackholed. :D


Step 1:
First download the source from www.thekeyboardcowboys.org . Usually the latest source is the way to go. You can get the most recent version at:


Step 2:
Make sure the bcnet-ircd-XXX.tgz into your home directory. (Ie: /usr/home/dickhead/bcnet-ircd- xxxx.tgz

Step 3:
Uncompress the file, move it into the created directory, then move the created directory for cleanliness:

tar -xvzf bcnet-ircd-*.tgz
mv bcnet-ircd-*.tgz bcnet-ircd-*/
mv bcnet-ircd-*/ .bcnet-ircd-*/

Step 4:
Change directory to the IRCD's root directory:

cd .bcnet-ircd-*/

Step 5:
Configure the IRCD for this network: ./configure --prefix=$HOME/bcnet-ircd --with-nicklen=14 --with-topiclen=350 --with-maxclients=1024 --enable-small-net

Step 6:
Build the server modules:

cd contrib/

Note: Extra modules can be found at http://www.thekeyboardcowboys.org/downloads/misc/ircd/. To compile these extra modules, add them to the Makefile in your $HOME/.bcnet-ircd-xxxx/contrib directory. Make sure to remember to include the trailing '\' after each added module.

Step 7:
Build the server:

cd ../
make install

Step 8:
Move the modules:

cd contrib/
cp *.so $HOME/bcnet-ircd/modules/autoload

Step 9:
Running the server:
Edit the server configuration file and start it up.

cd $HOME/bcnet-ircd/etc/
cp ircd.conf.sample ircd.conf
vi ircd.conf

Note: The ircd.conf file should be very self explanitory. If not, you may need to ask use questions. Feel free to connect our server at irc.thekeyboardcowboys.org. We also have a Java Chat Applet which is available at http://www.thekeyboardcowboys.org/chat/.

cd ../bin/

Step 10:
Setting the server's TS Delta.

Note: This may not be required. It is only needed if you are having problems linking to a HUB and you get an "Excessive TS Delta" error.

su - root
ntpdate -u time-a.timefreq.bldrdoc.gov

Congratulations! You should have a fully functional IRCd. Any questions or comments can posted on the TKC Forum or emailed to ek.
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