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POP3/SMTP Information

Well, first you need an account with us which you would have had to have requested. Please, please, PLEASE make sure you have an account with us before you attempt any of this as you won't be able to send/recieve anything at all.

The info for POP3/SMTP setup is fairly simple. The only info you should need would be the IP address/hostname for sending/recieving your mail. That IP address/hostname is "mail.thekeyboardcowboys.org"(Without the quotations of course). Use this address for both POP3 and SMTP. Also, don't forget to tick/check your "SMTP AUTH" option in your POP3/SMTP client. This means that you are using your username and password to both send and recieve from the mail server. This process makes much more sense than the "POP3 before SMTP" style setup. Some clients just require you to enable "SMTP AUTH" without puting in your username/password. It will automatically use the same username/password you use for receiving. Otherwise, just put in your username and password where required and you should be fine.

If you still aren't sure what this is about or are having issues logging into your email account, please feel free to visit the TKCNet Forums. We're more than happy to help you with anything we can.

If you have problems with logging in to check your mail via POP3, make sure you are using your entire e-mail address as your username. For instance, if your e-mail address is "testing@thekeyboardcowboys.org", then you would use "testing@thekeyboardcowboys.org" as your username.

Webmail Information

Webmail is very simple. To get to the webmail login page, just click the "Webmail" link at the top of this page or manually type "https://www.thekeyboardcowboys.org/webmail/" into your browser's address bar and it will prompt for your username and password. Simple!

Remember to use your full email address as your username. Otherwise, it won't work. IE: If you're email address is "testing@thekeyboardcowboys.org ", you would use "testing@thekeyboardcowboys.org" as your username. Again, simple! \o/

There are also many things you can adjust in the webmail to fit your preferences. Once you've successfully logged into your account, you can click the "Options" link at the top of your webmail page to see what you can adjust.

One thing to keep in mind when going through the "Options" for your webmail, is that we DO have spam protection enabled and working just fine. You'll notice that when a spam message is identified, it is "tagged" as "***SPAM***" in the Subject: line of the email... This let's you see exactly what we label as spam once you log into your account.

One way to take advantage of this spam message tagging is to enable "Message Filtering" in your "Options" menu. You can simply create a "Spam" folder in the "Folders" option, and in the "Message Filtering" options, set anything with "***SPAM***" in the Subject line to be tossed into your "Spam" folder. It is a very simple, yet very effective way to keep spam from always popping up in your webmail window or when you pull your mail from your own email client via POP3. However, don't forget to periodically check that "Spam" folder every once in a while and delete what you don't want(Usually everything). Otherwise, your mail quota may get full and you won't be able to recieve any more mail until you free up some space!

That should just about cover most of the things you need to know. The rest of it should be fairly self-explanitory. If you're still confused about something, or if I am forgetting anything, please email me and let me know. Or, you can always use the TKCNet Forums for questions and help. We'll be more than happy to help you out with anything we can.

Hope this helps!
The Keyboard Cowboys Staff

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