Anything I have which is IRCd related.

bopm-3.1.2.tar.gz :: Blitzed Open Proxy Monitor.
eggdrop1.6.15.tar.gz :: Eggdrop IRCd bot.
TKCNet.diff :: TKCNet Patch for IRCd-Ratbox-2.1.1.
m_sshortcut.c :: Shortcut for RServ services on TKCNet.
m_banfix.c :: Banfix module for Hybrid based IRCds
m_cleanfizzer-2ndnick.c :: Clean Fizzer module for Hybrid based IRCds.
m_forcenick.c :: Forcenick module for Hybrid based IRCds.
alltools.tcl :: Alltools TCL script.
http.tcl :: HTTP TCL script.
weather3.4.1.tcl :: Weather retrieving TCL script. (May require alltools.tcl or http.tcl)
dubya.tcl :: Funny TCL script for George Bush quotes.
autolimit102.tcl :: Channel auto-limit TCL script.
bseen1.4.2.tcl :: Bass's TCL seen script.
bseen_updater1.4.2.tcl :: Bass's TCL seen script updater.
lastspoke.tcl :: TCL script to request when someone last spoke.
megglogger.tcl :: TCL script which creates mIRC style logs (Useful for stats pages)
ping.tcl :: TCL ping script for ping replies.
quote.tcl :: TCL script that saves quotes.
supergoogle.tcl :: Supergoogle TCL script for surfing online. (Requires alltools.tcl)
uptime.tcl :: Uptime TCL script. (Eggdrop AND system uptime)
sysinfo.pl :: XChat perl script for system information. (Created for BSD)
xmms-share.pl :: XMMS Share perl script for XChat.
pevents.conf :: Event text replacement for XChat.

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