Here, I have linked all kinds of pages. Be sure to check some of them out!
If you would like a link, please e-mail me and I'll gladly add ya' in.

Tittle Tattle :: A very intriguing blog written by a worthless friend.
Binary Universe :: Quite informative UNIX/Linux technology site.
Eternixy :: Informational site. Mostely related to the Windows OS.
Jewish Curt :: Funny friend's site.
Lee Casey :: Web designer Lee Casey.
Kwoet3 :: Graffiti and various other forms or artwork.
ORSM :: Great site for comedy and porn.
FreeBSD :: FreeBSD home page.
Dirtyboards :: Scott Ferguson. Great friend and GREAT artist.
Shytb0x :: Good *NIX security site.
Anomalous Security :: Anomalous Security Organization. (Security)
Overrider's World :: Very nice FreeBSD help site.
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