IRC Reunion

IRC Reunion Welp, it appears that the time has come for all the old school Chat Central, Pacer, Chat Stop, TKC, and many other IRC users to get together for a fun little reunion. As I'm completely unsure as to how far we can actually get with re-uniting ALL of the people that we were familiar with, I think we have a good chance of getting in touch with quite a few of you. If you'd like to attend, you can drop by the IRC Server and join in at any time using TKC's java chat (Also linked above as "chat") or you can visit using your favorite IRC client. If anyone has any ideas as to some fun stuff we can do or know anyone that might interested in getting all the old folks together, please feel free to contact someone via IRC or e-mail one of us directly.

Jiggity Jank Ride

Ditched Blog

TKC Blog Hey, everyone. Yeah. So, its been a while. Sue the piss outta me... I've been busy. On another note, I've decided to remove the TKC Blog from the opening page because it wasn't being used at all. Hell, there hasn't been a blog update in YEARS (Thanks a lot contributors...). Also, it was mostly used for silly shit in the first place. So, 'tis gone. However, if you'd like to view it (Yes. It will remain around.), you can click here or on the blog image in this post. I'll probably add a perminent link to it later too. Anyhow, thanks for stoppin' by.

Janky Jay, III

Media Update

Media Update Okay. So, it's been nearly forever since I've made any kind of updates to this index page on TKC. So, I figured I'd go ahead and make one to let people know what's going on and such (Not that anyone cares). Anyhow, I made a quite large update to the Media section of this site. So, go on and enjoy them. I've also been writing a tutorial or "how-to" for FreeBSD users that would like to set up a Postfix mail server. You can see that by clicking HERE. And, as usual, any questions or comments can be posted on the TKC Forums.

So, check out some of the new stuff and try not to bitch at me too much...

Janky Jay, III



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